URILIA!  The new era of Extreme Metal!



GEOGRAPHICAL INFO: URILIA – THE following is the Text of URILIA, the Book of the Worm. It contains the formulae by which the wreakers of havoc perform their Rites. These are the prayers of the ensnarers, the liers-in-wait, the blind fiends of Chaos, the most ancient evil.

- Necronomicon by Simon -

“The demon within shall emerge into the form of a true god, and that god shall burn away any divine light that will take away the power of self control and release the energy of free will.”

After putting Dawn of Ashes in a proper burial, ex members Kristof Bathory, Syrus, and Bahemoth are back with Grey(ex member of Demona Mortiss) and Glitch(ex-member of Psyclon Nine) bringing a brand new vision of Extreme Metal. 2014 is the next chapter and a new era for this super group act called URILIA. Here is a new and improved vision of blasphemy, and horrific, visual abuse that will now spread like a plague throughout the music scene. There was a beginning to the end and now there is a cycle towards putting an end to the human-form of corruption.

Finis autem omnium
“The end of all”